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b.experts as experienced partner

The expertise of b.experts is aimed specifically at young biotechnology companies that are in the process of being founded, and that are characterized by disruptive innovation, high scalability of their products, or particular entrepreneurial skills of their founders.


We focus on the best ideas - and develop successful companies together with you. The goal of b.experts GmbH is to accompany start-ups in their development on a partnership basis.


We want to fully develop the economic potential of the developed technologies for the mutual benefit of investors and founders.


We see ourselves as your partners and support you with our experience and all our knowledge during the implementation of technologies and innovations.


In addition to comprehensive consulting and active support in the company’s development by b.experts GmbH, our parent company b.value AG offers start-ups additional access to long-term venture capital.



We focus on innovations in non-pharmaceutical-biotechnology and chemistry in the D-A-CH-region, and pursue the megatrends of health and nutrition, resource efficiency, and digitalization. With the exception of pure pharmaceutical drug development, we thus cover a broad field.



We bring together the essential company elements from technology, market, industry, founders, financing, and expert network in order to introduce a successful and growing company to the market.

We look forward to starting something new with you


should you choose b.experts GmbH?

The b.experts GmbH distinguish itself by comprehensive industry knowledge in biotechnology.

Our experience was built through the founding of numerous companies, our own successes in building companies, restructuring companies, and various own exits. . This experience provides an active contribution to increasing the value of our investments. 

We can also tap into on a large network of researchers, founders, investors, and government agencies to help you get started.

In addition, our parent company b.value AG offers start-ups access to long-term venture capital in order to make investments and financing possible, and dreams come true.



The term „Company Building“ is a new concept in industrial biotechnology.

It essentially means "business incubator".
We bring together all the key elements of a company:

  • Identification of a technology with high market potential and opportunity for scalable business model with high added value
  • Identification, integration, and coaching of suitable founders
  • Support in business model development and market entry strategy
  • Fiduciary IP-security
  • Models of cooperation (experts, R&D-facilities for technology validation, and further development)
  • Supply of capital, development of subsidies, relaying to further investors
  • Hands-on assistance with the first steps of company development

We know and recognize trends and evaluate technologies and markets.

Together with you, we will build a successful company from your invention.

We bear the risk for you when we evaluate the technology and market at our expense.

As part of the Company Building we identify disruptive technologies, scalable business models, and motivated founders.

A standardized evaluation is carried out with the help of a in-house developed and project-validated evaluation matrix, which identifies not only the marketing potential but also possible weak points and missing elements. Our team of experts will support you in this process.

for founders

You have developed a new biotechnological approach that the market is evidently awaiting?

Then you have come to the right place: We are looking for the best business ideas, technologies/IP, and founders in non-pharmaceutical-biotechnology. These will be examined intensively and any existing gaps will be filled. This way, we can effectively minimize default risks. Through the intensive support of our Company Building, e.g. through documented proof of concept, we lead you purposefully to success.

We have what your company needs to get started:
Know-how and the right networks.

Based on our personal experience, your partners in our team know exactly what situation you are in and what your potential investors are interested in.

Drawing on our own extensive experience, we can optimally support you in the successful implementation of your vision. After all, we have also often sat at the negotiating table during financing rounds - both as investors and as founders.

Our experience in numerous company launches, successful company structuring, and structuring various financing rounds are the basis of our work. With our extensive knowledge and experience, as well as established industry contacts, we can actively accompany you in your development with a hands-on approach.

We are convinced that the earliest possible industrial reference is a decisive success factor in the development of your technology. Accordingly, we are working together with you to speed up the development in this direction. In addition, we support you in obtaining grants - especially in the GO-Bio and EXIST programs.

Thanks to our expertise and experience, as well as the network of b.experts GmbH, you as a founder can rely on comprehensive advise and support in strategy development, market access, company growth/structuring, financing rounds, M&A-transactions, or restructurings.

  1. We believe that strong, self-reliant and highly motivated entrepreneurial teams achieve more - and operate accordingly.
  2. We are actively support you and bear the risks together with you.
  3. Right from the start, we make an active contribution to increasing the value of your company.
  4. Our many and diverse partners also handle issues such as patent protection, legal advice, and public relations.


Advantages for you as a founder

By cooperating with b.experts GmbH, you benefit from a rapid performance (for example, through a common proof of concept) with lower personal risks and higher shares in later capital rounds.

In addition, you will be provided with experienced consultants who will support you. With access to our network of experts, a financing option via b.value AG, and access to further investors and strategic (industry-) partners, your idea can evolve effectively with us.

You are interested

You are interested in working with us as an active Company Builder? Please contact us and send us some information about your technology/IP, the business idea, as well as the founders and your contact details.

If your innovation matches with our investment focus, we will promptly arrange a conversation.

In our references you can get an overview about our portfolio of previous companies.

for IP-owners

Ideas, expertise, innovation capability, products, and names – in today’s global economy with its high competitive pressure, you need to adequately protect all of these assets.  The success of your business increasingly depends on its unique characteristics, therefore valuable ideas must be protected by an appropriate strategy for patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Many start-ups are dependent on external financing opportunities such as venture capitalists or business angels, especially in the start-up phase. Questions regarding patents and unique selling points, as well as the safeguarding of know-how are among the most important aspects of a pitch.

We help you in evaluating the patentability and marketability of research results and in taking appropriate measures.

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